The mystery of Mount Baigong’s pipes: ancient plumbing or alien footprints?

Many years after the first discovery, the mysterious pipes of Mount Baigong still remain one of the most unsolved mysteries of modern times. This amazing find, made by a group of American scientists in China, raises many theories and speculations, but has never been seriously studied by the scientific community.

The story of these mysterious pipes became known to the general public only in 2002, when a Chinese newspaper published a report about the incredible find. However, on subsequent research, it became clear that in fact the pipes had been discovered some time earlier, but no one paid attention to them. A group of scientists was searching for dinosaur remains in the area of Mount Baigong and accidentally stumbled upon a strange object in the caves.

The discovered pipes were made of rusty iron and had a diameter of about 40 centimeters. One of them came out into the cave from the top of the mountain, while the other went from the bottom of the cave to somewhere down. This led to speculation that these pipes were part of an ancient system or mechanism. However, of the three caves found by the researchers, two of them turned out to be collapsed, so it is still unknown what is hiding in them.

Later, about 12 other pipes, ranging from 2 to 4.5 centimeters in diameter, were discovered around Mount Baigong. They were intertwined into a complex system, indicating a high level of technology in their creators. Some of these pipes were found on the shore of Toson Lake, which is only 80 meters away from Mount Baigong. Pipes of various diameters have also been found both at the bottom of the lake and on its surface.

Mount Baigong is located in a remote and deserted area. It is 40 kilometers away from the nearest town of Delingha. This explains why the mysterious pipes went unnoticed for so long. However, even after their discovery, little attention continues to be paid to them. Scientific studies of the phenomenon have never been conducted, and information about the Baigong pipes remains only in the media, which reprint each other.

There are several theories about the origin of these pipes. One of them suggests that they are the remains of an ancient water pipe. Rumors say that at the top of Mount Baigong there used to be a pyramid about 50-60 meters high that had triangular shafts and wells connected by a system of pipes. Through this system, water was supplied from Lake Toson. However, it is still unknown who built this pyramid and what was its purpose.

Many assumptions and theories surround the mystery of the pipes of Mount Baigong. Some scientists believe that they may be traces of ancient civilizations or even aliens. However, without serious scientific research, we can only guess about the origin of these mysterious pipes.

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