The mystery of the Paris crash: when time stood still

The great French writer Goethe asked for a moment to stop to savor its beauty. But what if that really happened? What if time stopped for a few minutes? Is such a phenomenon possible in reality or is it just a fantasy? One of the most mysterious events of the 20th century is the Paris Disruption, which still remains unexplained.

On the night of December 29-30, 1902, at 1:05 am, something incredible happened in Paris – almost all wall pendulum clocks stopped. This event was recorded in the first issue of the Herald of Knowledge for 1903. Eyewitnesses reported dizziness, nausea and fainting that accompanied the phenomenon.

The director of the central meteorological station in Paris stated that no atmospheric anomalies were recorded. Seismographs did not register any ground shaking. However, experts suggested that a geophysical phenomenon had occurred, as only the pendulum clock had stopped, while the spring clock continued to run.

One possible explanation for this phenomenon is the disappearance of the earth’s gravitational force. If the gravitational force had been removed that night, all the inhabitants of Paris would have been in a state of weightlessness and the pendulums would have stopped as well. Also a possible option is the free fall of the entire geographical area.

However, such events are virtually impossible. More likely, there were oscillations opposite to the oscillations of the pendulums, which mutually annihilated each other. As a result, people experienced dizziness and nausea and felt fear. They approached the authorities for an explanation, but received only silence.

The Paris disruption remains a mystery to this day. Science cannot provide a precise explanation for the phenomenon. Maybe it was just a glitch in time, a moment when the world froze and everything stopped. Maybe it was a game of nature or some phenomenon unknown to us. We can only guess and speculate about what really happened.

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