The mystery of the underground city of the Giants

Miners in the Missouri town of Moberly, while working a coal mine, accidentally stumbled upon a “marvelous city” buried about 360 feet underground. Newspapers in 1885 were full of such news.

Further excavations revealed numerous artifacts: stone benches, bronze and flint knives, stone and granite hammers, metal figurines, and fountains seemingly filled with pure water (a closer inspection revealed otherwise).

“The remains of a human body were discovered near the fountain,” says The Daily Globe. – Judging by the size of the bones, the figures of the people who inhabited the site were three times taller than the average modern man, and they also possessed enviable musculature and speed.”

Measurement results: “The femur is about 1.4 meters and the tibia is slightly smaller, 1.3 meters. The skull bones are split in two, and the sagittal and coronary sutures have been destroyed.”

The city was buried under a thick layer of lava. It even appears to have had its own road network. They also discovered a hall with benches that held implements of various purposes. The explorers, who spent twelve hours in search of new discoveries, were forced to abandon the search for any of their finds only because of the lack of oil in the lamps.

Be that as it may, the artifacts found are quite enough to draw conclusions about the high development of this civilization.

Now it is impossible to find any information about the subsequent research of this city. However, it is possible that somewhere in the historical documents of Moberly it still exists.

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