The neural network will search for the missing people

Social services and police are now searching for missing people. But, it is possible, according to The New Atlas, soon people will come to the aid of the machine, which with the help of complex algorithms will find people, even if they disappeared several years ago.

The neural network created by scientists compares human features such as lips, forehead, cheek shape, and others. Based on the data received, the system begins to analyze how a person could change with time. In addition, the program takes into account even the external data of relatives, individual signs of aging and much more. This cardinally distinguishes the program from all existing analogues.

Researchers emphasize that their algorithm can be used both to search for missing people, and to search for criminals. As an example, experts used a photo of a 21-month-old baby Ben Needham, who disappeared in 1991 on the Greek island of Kos. And although the baby was never found, the system gave an approximate idea of ​​how Needham could look at the age of 20 and older. As the project developer Ali Main Bucar said,

“We train the system by” feeding “to it hundreds of thousands of images of individuals indicating their respective ages. After this, after seeing the aging process of a person, the neural network generates images on the fly. This is a very quick way. All the algorithms existing today use linear or one-dimensional methods, while our neural network is nonlinear, which means that it is better suited for each individual person. “

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