The Nine Unknowns Secret Society: keepers of wisdom and knowledge

When we talk about secret societies, organizations such as the Illuminati or the Freemasons immediately come to mind. But there is one society that few people know about – the Nine Unknowns. Historians are still arguing about its existence, but the facts that have been collected make you wonder.

The history of the society begins with the wise ruler Ashoka, who lived in India in the 3rd century BC. He was concerned that mankind was using its progress and intelligence for evil – wars and conquests. Instead of banning all of humanity’s advancements, Ashoka decided to create a secret society to protect this knowledge from the unworthy.

Thus came into existence the Nine Unknowns Society, consisting of nine brilliant minds. The names of these men are still a mystery, but rumors say that famous personalities such as Leonardo da Vinci and Paracelsus were among them. They made sure that dangerous knowledge did not fall into the hands of ambitious fools.

However, in order to achieve their goal, the Nine Unknowns created an extensive agent network. They recruited outstanding experts from various fields and gave them limited access to information about society. Only the nine “brothers” knew the full plan and had access to the entire repository of knowledge.

To recruit new agents, Ashoka and his followers sent their men to the most progressive countries of the world disguised as traders or businessmen. They collected information about new discoveries and achievements of human genius. All this data was sent to secret laboratories for analysis and further research.

It was thanks to this repository of knowledge that the “Nine Unknowns” were able to make amazing predictions. For example, in 1636, the principle of the electric telegraph was described, and in 1729, the principle of obtaining photographic images was outlined. The great Leonardo also made “guesses” about submarines and helicopters long before their appearance.

But despite the best efforts of the “Nine Unknowns,” they could not prevent wars and cruelty. However, we can assume that without their intervention, our planet would have long ago turned into a scorched desert.

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