The parameters of the “ideal” female face

Girls with a heart-shaped face are closest to the “mathematical standard of beauty,” scientists from the Lewis Katz University School of Medicine at Temple University (Philadelphia) believe.

“The concept of” mathematical beauty “implies that there are ideal contours of the face, the sizes and proportions of the parts that make it harmonious, balanced and attractive.” The face of the heart-shaped form embodies the ideal of youth and is the main reference point for rejuvenating surgery, “explained one of the authors of the study, surgeon Allan Wulc (Allan Wulc).

Analyzing the photos of 55 celebrities, the researchers set the parameters of the “ideal” of the beauty of the female face. According to their version, the distance between the eyes should ideally be 59.2 millimeters, and between the eyes and cheekbones – 13.1 millimeters. The length of the nose on the “mathematically perfect” face is 43.6 millimeters.

A total of 13 metrics were determined, but only eight are considered “statistically significant” for attractiveness.

“It seemed to us that these parameters could be useful for doctors trying to find a quantitative reflection of age-related changes and post-operative improvements.” Be that as it may, there are not so many criteria for describing an ideal or “aged” person, “added Valk.

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