The project of a residential tower with vertical gardens for Paris is presented

As cities become overpopulated and air and water pollution occurs, conceptual residential buildings that can be used for water and air purification are becoming increasingly necessary. The new metropolis, in which such a conceptual residential building will be built, will be Paris. Another project by architect Stefano Boeri will include a new wooden structure, enveloped in thousands of trees and plants.
Residential towers with vertical Stefano Boeri gardens are already being built in Switzerland and Milan, and at the beginning of the year his firm announced plans to create a full-scale Forest city in the mountains of Southern China. This project will include almost a million plants that are expected to absorb 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide and 57 tons of pollutants per year, with an annual production of 900 tons of oxygen.

The recently announced Forêt Blanche project is not aimed at such a high level, but will still struggle with pollution and the disappearance of urban biodiversity in the eastern suburbs of Paris. The fully wooden tower rises to a height of 52 meters and will include both offices and commercial premises on the lower floors, and residential apartments on the upper floors.

On all sides of the building there will be a lot of terraces and balconies, and the facades will be covered with 2000 trees, bushes and plants. According to Stefano Boeri Architetti, this green zone will be equivalent to one hectare of forest, which is 10 times larger than the area of ​​the building itself, occupied by trees.

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