The prosthesis of the hand will be able to recognize the objects

Specialists from Newcastle University are developing a new generation of hand prostheses that can automatically determine what kind of object is in front of them and what method of capture to choose in order to raise it.

Engineers have already tested the prototype device. The bionic arm has a camera that allows you to determine the shape and size of the object. The computer analyzes the received data and assigns the object to one or another category.

According to the developers, at present the work of many modern prostheses is based on myoelectric signals – signals emanating from the damaged muscle. In order to manage such a prosthesis, practice, concentration and time are necessary.

A new prosthesis allows you to quickly take even an unfamiliar object. The computer selects one of the four types of capture: two fingers, three fingers, all fingers on top (the same person takes the cup by the edges), all fingers with a rotated brush (just like a person takes the remote control).

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