The robot who plays the bagpipes

A talented engineer has collected from prostheses and microchips robot that plays any tune on the bagpipes through his plastic fingers.

Never in the history of mankind no one has asked about the creation of a robot musician, but he never tired to play. This is why the fact that Instructables’ XenonJohn built an unusual bot Ardu McDuino that with a pair of printed on 3D-printer prosthetic hand is able to repeatedly play a particular song.

The system is equipped with Arduino Mega 2560, Ardu McDuino makes a strong impression on viewers and listeners. His fingers literally open and close the hole wind instrument like a real musician. The only limitation of the current version of the robot is the fact that it still needs a source of air (so a person has to blow into the instrument), but the author is going to equip it with an automated air pump. If this happens, the robot will play 24 hours, 7 days a week and never get tired. For music lovers it’s a real holiday, but if a boat accidentally turn on when you leave for vacation — neighbors are gonna hate you.

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