The Russian invented the transport of the future

Inventor Dahir Semenov, believes that the future for cars equipped with a gyroscope – “gyrocar”. Dahir Semenov goes in his designs in the footsteps of the Russian engineer Peter Shilovsky, who at the beginning of the 20th century created working prototypes of two-wheeled gyro-bikes and two-wheeled rail vehicles.

Gyrocars, which the company is going to design, are huge buses. They balance on narrow stands, maneuvering among ordinary traffic participants. Equipped with powerful gyroscopes, the vehicles maintain a balance even over normal cars and pedestrians at a height of several meters, sliding on narrow rails.

The “stands” on which the monorail gyro car stands are also adjustable in height, allowing them to slip over or under the other gyrocarriers as they pass through the same section of the road. The solar panels on the flat and wide roofs of such “future buses” are connected to generators and backup batteries. This ensures a continuous supply of energy, and ensuring that gyroscopes never stop rotating. If the gyroscopes stop functioning, the gyrocar will no longer be able to maintain a balance, which will be bad news for everyone on board (or under it).

The mechanics of the gyroscopic balance is in fact not so far from reality as it may seem – it allows the modern self-balancing gyro pacemakers to remain in an upright position. However, the introduction of a gyroscopic monorail system into the infrastructure of large cities will require a very substantial investment of money and labor.

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