The Russian scientists will build in hydrogen engines smartphones

Specialists of the Russian Academy of Sciences developed technology of creation of hydrogen engines of new generation. They can be built in smartphones, laptops, and also microchips for carrying out medical analyses.

Why the smartphone cannot use gasoline

Vitaly Svetovoy from Physicotechnological institute of RAS in Yaroslavl noted that electrochemical batteries keep tens times less energy, than automobile fuel of the same volume in laptops and smartphones. However because of bystry leaving of heat in small volumes of reaction of combustion die away – for normal trouble-free operation their volume has to make at least several cubic centimeters.

The efficiency of power elements with oxidizing reactions of fuel is higher, than at ordinary accumulators. If to give fuel and an oxidizer constantly, then they can infinitely work. However, while such elements concede in power to automobile internal combustion engines, RIA Novosti reports.

Technology essence

To overcome restriction for minimum engine displacement, the Russian chemists used the same reactions that occur at decomposition of water on oxygen and Hydrogenium by means of electric current. Earlier it was established that if to pass through water current with constantly changing polarity, water does not decay – in it microscopic bubbles are formed of mix of oxygen and Hydrogenium. If it is correct to pick up the frequency of switching of polarity and electrode separation, then mix lights up, forming water molecules. It is impossible to see it, but process of combustion of vials of mix is followed by clicks.
At explosion of each nanobubble 0,3 microjoules of energy are allocated

Any explosion generates heat and pressure. In internal combustion engines pressure is used, and heat only prevents work. The Russian physics collected the pilot unit in which energy of the burning-down bubbles will be transformed to electricity.

Energy will be transformed to mechanical oscillations, and they – to electricity. Besides, energy of fluctuations can be used for driving of the pump or other mechanisms.

Now scientists work on creation of the compact pump with a high specific power which can be used as the engine.

It is planned to be built in systems of blood test on microchips. In the building bag of the pump from explosions of bubbles energy will appear. It can be used for a jolting of liquid on microscopic channels.

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