The scientist has told, that people can live eternally very soon

The founder of the University of Singularity in the Silicon Valley, Jose Luis Cordeiro, spoke about new ways of rejuvenation that will allow us to live forever, as well as the telepathic abilities of humanity.

According to the futurist, in the next 20-30 years there will be such technologies that will rejuvenate a person and allow him to live forever.

“We can live longer, keeping the body in good condition, and our ultimate goal is to get the opportunity to live forever,” the scientist said.

He also stated that there is no biological limit to human life.

In addition, Jose Luis Cordeiro believes that in the future people will have the opportunity to communicate via telepathy.

“We will start communicating with the help of telepathy, one brain will directly communicate with the other.” Today our communication is imperfect, because oral speech is a very inefficient technology – I would say primitive, “he said.

Futurologist also predicted the future of artificial intelligence.

“It will develop to the level of the human, and then surpass it, so we will need to unite with artificial intelligence, which would be very desirable,” the scientist said.

Earlier, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Ilon Mask called artificial intelligence the main threat to humanity.

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