The scientist suggested to search for aliens with the help of music

An unusual “invention” was recently proposed by philosopher Jonathon Keats in the framework of a new art project, called Intergalactic Omnifonik. Jonotan suggested trying to find a “common language” with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations with the help of special music. For this purpose, the sounds produced will be based on the laws of physics and then sent to outer space.

As the author of the project assures, such compositions are able to delight the hearing of his monasteries. He notes that since music for man is a unique form of creativity, it is therefore able to “bind” people and alien beings among themselves and become a language of communication, especially since the received sounds of space can also turn out to be music that is sent to us intelligent beings.

The author of the research believes that since no one dared to make such bold experiments earlier, the time has come when you need to start acting. One of the philosopher’s associates has even “written” music intended for the aliens. It is not quite familiar to the human ear, but, nevertheless, it has similar principles.

To translate his idea, Keats acquired a special marble consisting of uranium glass and a dial with a radius, combining it all with wires. The device works as follows: the wooden handle of the bell rises, thus releasing radioactive gamma-rays with high energy. Owing to this, outer space is filled with sounds.

In addition, Jonathan decided to improve his invention and the usual ultrasonic whistles that dogs often use for their pets, turned into a kind of organ. The sounds he produces are not audible to a man, but they will like extraterrestrials, the author believes.

In addition, the “orchestra” of the philosopher presents a unique gravitational cello, consisting of a steel ball suspended at the end of a thread of a wooden shaft. “Musician” to activate the design, swings the ball, thus creating special gravity waves (discovered in 1916 by Einstein), which are the result of the merger of two black holes.

Keats states that he will continue to develop space music in the future and even plans to create a hymn on the laws of thermodynamics, which, he said, will become a universal means of communication with creatures from other planets.

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