The scientist was pressed down to photograph a rare species of deep-water sharks

The scientist from the Research institute of an oceanarium Monterey-Bae (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, MBARI) was succeeded to photograph an infrequent deep-water shark on video.

Specialists oceanologists surely carried a shark to the type of Hydrolagus trolli entering a sort of hydrologs of family the himerovykh who lives at coast of Australia and New Zealand. The inhabitant of depths managed to be photographed by means of the independent ROV submersible.

Thanks to video scientists already obtained a number of important information on life of this species of sharks. For example, the relief of the bottom in situ of shooting demonstrates that representatives of Hydrolagus trolli prefer a stony soil to the flat bottom which serves routine the habitat to other types of family the himerovykh.

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