The Secret of Foresight: How a person can see things that haven’t happened yet

The mysteries of the human mind have always attracted the attention of scientists and philosophers. One such mystery is the ability of humans to see events that have not yet occurred. History knows many cases when people have foreseen the future and their prophecies turned out to be accurate. One such case is related to the reporter Edward Samsov, who in 1883 saw in a dream the catastrophe on the island of Krakatoa, which occurred on the same day. How can this mystery be explained?

One possible theory has to do with the human subtle body. Ancient philosophers and sages claimed that humans have not only a physical body, but also an astral body. The physical body is just a shell, but the real essence of a person is his spirit or Atman. This subtle body can separate from the physical body during sleep or after death. In the epic Mahabharata, it is stated that during sleep, the physical body lies down and the consciousness moves freely and combines with the senses and cognition. This may explain the case of Samson, the reporter, who saw in a dream what actually happened.

Such phenomena are not unique. Boris Smirnov, a major medical scientist, also described his experience of astral escape. He saw his body lying on the floor and then learned from his sister that she had seen him pass through a wall. This supports the theory that there is a subtle body that can separate from the physical body.

It is also worth noting that in human history there have always been people whose thinking went beyond matter. They explored spiritual and metaphysical aspects of life, striving to understand their true “I”. Among such personalities we can name Seraphim of Sarov, Pavel Florensky, Nikolai Fedorov, Helena Blavatsky and Nikolai Roerich. They opened new horizons for our understanding of the world and human existence.

We still do not know all the possibilities of the human mind. Perhaps foresight is just one of many abilities we have not yet realized. Perhaps in the future, science will find an explanation for these mysteries and expand our understanding of ourselves and the world.

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