The Siberian doctor implanted six chips under his skin

Working in one of the maternity homes in Novosibirsk obstetrician-gynecologist Alexander Volchek implanted under his skin six chips with the help of which the movement of his hands opens the door at work and at home, stores passwords, a business card; Now he dreams of an implanted cryptosystem and a glucometer.

“I put the first chip on August 8, 2014. It does not allow changing its code and is the equivalent of an access control card from one of the Siberian ski resorts.Somewhat later I registered it in the access control system of the organization I work in,” – told RIA Novosti Volchek , Noting that the first samples of acceptable size began to be used in veterinary medicine in the middle of the 2000s.

The interlocutor explained that he first read about such implants in the article of pseudo-religious opponents of chipping, then he became interested in it and found out that the chips that are acceptable for human implantation are already produced in the USA, and cheaper ones in China. After that he began to experiment.

Now there are six chips in the doctor’s body. Some of them are complete analogues of interphone keys with which he opens the doors and the turnstile at work, the others work on a different frequency and are able to store from 800 bytes to 1 kilobyte of information. One of them contains a business card, while others allow you to unlock the computer, store passwords and so on.

Volchek said that the standard chip size is 2×12 mm, and the minimum chip size is 1.5×8 mm. The design, which contains a ferrite core with a winding and a very small chip, is “packed” into a small tube made of biologically inert glass. Under the skin, they are injected with a large syringe with a thick needle (injector). If desired, they can be easily extracted.

“It’s really very convenient, if you install the implants correctly, after a few days there are automatic movements – put your hand to the door reader or finger to the turnstile reader,” he said, noting that his colleagues and friends are not surprised, . The Facebook theme group already has about one hundred like-minded people and developers of new functions for similar implants.

“I am not only a user, but a developer.” Now several teams in the world, including us, are actively developing an implant that will contain a microprocessor with encryption functions and can be used for electronic signatures, payment in contactless terminals, and payment for public transport. A separate problem is an inalienable implanted cryptosystem, but this is the future, “Volchek speculates.

He noted that the top of the technology will be the medical application of such chips and a victory, for example, it will be possible to consider the creation of an implantable glucometer for measuring blood sugar, especially since the necessary technical base for this already exists.

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