The sky over Europe has flashed the shining ripples

After nightfall on December 2 the sky over Hungary has suddenly flashed the impressive shining ripples. Andras Pinter has photographed “red corrugations” in the sky over the city of Mikhali, Dyyor-Moshon-Sopron, Hungary.

It was very strong luminescence over Hungary. Human eyes seldom notice a weak luminescence, but on December 2 it was easily visible to the naked eye. Red color of the display, rare for a polar light, was remarkable.

At the same time in Slovakia the usual polar light of green color made the way through cracks in clouds. Roman Vanur has imprinted the phenomenon from the city of Pokuvadlo.


The majority of a polar light is the green luminescence caused by vigorous particles from space and blows of atoms of oxygen at the height of 100-300 km over the Earth’s surface. Seldom there is a pink or red shine when vigorous particles fall below, than usually, striking nitrogen molecules at the level of 100 km and below.

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