The smallest dog was cloned dozens of times

The six-year-old “Miraculous Millie” was cloned 49 times to reveal the genetic sequences that created such a miniature Chihuahua.

After birth, she weighed less than 30 grams, could fit in a teaspoon, and doctors doubted that she would survive at all. Now she weighs about half a kilogram, at a withers only 10 cm high. Millie is considered the smallest dog in the world.

The analysis of the Milli genome is performed by the specialists of the Korean genetic laboratory Soaam. Laboratory expert David Kim says: “We are working on the establishment of the Milli genome with experts from the Beijing Genome Institute and experts from other countries to understand how the genes of clones and real Milli work.”

Soaam has long been working with the cloning of dogs, it has become a very lucrative industry: the cloning of a pet is worth about $ 100,000.

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