The straightforward Martian robot Valkyrie

Competition from the American agency DARPA called DARPA Robotics Challenge has been held for several years already, and the developments presented within the framework of this event are often used in various fields of science. For example, the Valkyrie robot shown a few years ago has acquired so many new functions that its candidate is seriously considered as one of the main assistants for the future colonization of Mars.

Valkyrie was developed by specialists of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The growth of the upright robot is 190 centimeters. Valkyrie is equipped with an optical scanner LIDAR with sensors that allow you to “see” the surrounding space, identify obstacles and plot the optimal route. In addition to walking, the robot can perform a number of different manipulations, such as moving objects and connecting them. In the robot design, there are 28 mechanical joints. The whole range of movements of the robot will enable him to engage in the preparation of sites for the erection of various sites, buildings, procurement of building materials. To collect information, 200 sensors are installed, installed throughout the “body” of the robot.

For each robot manipulator, you can install specialized tools for specific tasks. The modular structure of the robot itself makes it possible to easily disconnect, repair and replace it. The creation of the robot Valkyrie from NASA took about $ 2 million.

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