The student created a splint that accelerates the healing of bones

Nikita Kruglov, student of the Moscow school №185, created on a 3D printer orthosis, which accelerates the healing of fractures by 30%.

The accelerated healing effect is achieved with a built-in bus the device which ultrasonic pulses affects the damaged bone tissue, thereby accelerating their recovery. The tyre itself is as conventional plaster, fix the hand, but it’s more hygienic for the patient higher level of comfort due to its open, breathable design that has now become easy to implement by using three-dimensional printing technology.

The shape of the orthosis is determined by the patient’s arm after her three-dimensional scanning, while its halves are held together with plastic ties, locking design on the damaged limb. Collapsible design he had designed himself for Autodesk Fusion 360. All calculations for design of the ultrasonic device made by experts from the Academy of the new technologies, but the student has made the Assembly of electrical circuits, soldering circuits, design and printing of the housing. The results of the first clinical trial orthosis is really a third accelerates the healing of the bone.

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