The technology of face recognition will replace tickets in China

Baidu, developer of the largest Chinese search engine, made a successful experiment on refusal of tickets. They were replaced by intellectual technology of face recognition.

Tablets and framework instead of cashiers

The experiment on refusal of traditional tickets was decided to be made in Vuzhena. Annually this city park in which there are more than ten sights visit millions of tourists.

On entrances to the park stands with tablets and a special framework which conducts shooting are established. When the tourist comes to the park for the first time, the system photographs it further to use function of face recognition on a photo. New pictures are compared to a photo from the database – so the system determines whether the person has a right to visit of this or that sight.

Accuracy of recognition constitutes 99,77%, duration of shooting and recognition – 0,6 with
Baidu transferred the license for technology of face recognition and the equipment at which it works to the authorities of the tourist town. Yangkyin Lin, the head of Institute of deep training of Baidu, noted that the technology of machine training was used for face recognition only in Internet business earlier. It is the first case of application of a technique in such scale.

A number of partners of Baidu considers sales opportunity of technology on tourist platforms and in entertainment centers. Besides, it is possible to apply development of the house – so, the door will open only before the owner or his acquaintance, to enter a code or will use a key is useless. Such decision is also convenient for short-term renting apartments.

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