The Tiltrotor V-280

Bell Helicopter company was shown at the Farnborough air show a full-sized layout of the new tiltrotor. According to the company, the V-280 Valor through the use of new design solutions will be significantly cheaper than its predecessor, the V-22, which costs $ 70 million. It is reported that one of the V-280 will cost about $ 20 million.

V-280 will have a straight wing, which is two times cheaper and takes twice less time. Unlike the Osprey V-280 will be able to fire at targets ahead. The cockpit of the tiltrotor will be protected by glass, which was used in the F-35. V-280 is designed to carry 14 Marines.

V-280 will be able to reach speeds of 280 knots (518 km/h). Range combat use – 900 – 1.5 thousand km, the Tiltrotor can refuel in the air.

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