The two-wheeled electric skateboard is presented in China

The Chinese startup of Yiimix developed the electric skateboard of Yiiboard different from other boards availability of only one couple of wheels.

To manage two-wheeled skateboards it is more difficult, than the standard boards having four wheels, developers managed to make a trip on the unusual vehicle of more extreme thanks to the smallest radius of turn of Yiimix.

The electric skateboard of Yiiboard weighs about 6 kg and has a design in case of which the forward wheel performs turns, and back is responsible for acceleration. On a back wheel the electric motor is established by capacity of 400 W to which food arrives from lities – the ion accumulator from the Panasonic company. As declare developers, accumulator charging lasts about 3-4 hours, and the range of work provided to them constitutes 29 km in case of a total charge. The skateboard of Yiiboard can gather the maximum speed in 19 km/h and bear useful load to 150 kg.

Users manage a skateboard by means of the wireless panel on which the toddler of regulation of speed is located. When braking the system of recovery of energy installed on a back wheel charges the accumulator a little that allows to save its charge.

It should be noted that the electric skateboard is also equipped with system of illumination which includes LED headlights in front and brake fires behind.

Now the Yiimix company looks for financing on the crowdfunding Indiegogo platform where it takes preorders on boards at the price of 359 dollars.

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