The U.S. army plans to detonate a plasma bomb in the upper atmosphere

The USAF plan to detonate a plasma bomb in the upper atmosphere with the help of a fleet of micro-satellites. These activities will be carried out with the aim of improving the quality of radio communications over large distances. About it reports New Scientist.

It is known that at night the radio signals can be taken at a much greater distance than during the day. Due to changes in the ionosphere, the density of charged particles which night is increasing, facilitated by the reflected signals. Manipulation of the ionosphere was done: for example, in the context of a military program called HAARP. Alaska aerial bombard the shell by radiation, creating a reflecting radio waves in the plasma.

The U.S. air force are going to affect the ionosphere more effectively by using ultra-small CubeSat satellites, transporting the ionized gas directly into the air. This project will not only increase the range of radio signals, but also reduce the harmful effects of solar wind on the GPS system and block communications between enemy satellites.

However, two problems remain: how to design a plasma generator that is able to fit on a cube with 10-santimetrovy faces, and how to calculate the dispersion of the plasma.

While the air force has concluded agreements with several scientific groups. First going to heat the piece of metal before evaporation: its reaction with atmospheric oxygen to produce a plasma. The second group plans to heat the metal, exploding a small bomb in the end, under the influence of the explosion appears plasma clouds of different shapes.

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