The USA has created the “pager” using vinegar

The American scientists developed system of transmission of messages by means of liquid for washing of glasses and vinegar. About it it is reported on the website of Stendfordsky university.

Coding of data in chemical messengers is performed by means of a binary code. Levels of chemicals act as zero and units in their case: acids and bases. In a work progress the message is typed into the computer then that sends a signal to the special device which throws out corresponding “bats”. Substances go to a container with the pH-sensor, and then the signal returns to the computer for decoding.

In a new messenger of function of acid and the basis perform vinegar and liquid for washing of glasses. The previous version of the device (it was provided in 2013) worked at a vodka basis. According to authors, the last device works quicker and longer: arriving in the receiver, liquid for washing of glasses and vinegar is neutralized each other. The system on the basis of vodka accumulated the excessive number of “bits” over time and ceased to accept messages.

Now scientists are engaged in creation of a messenger of other type — it will work at a basis of bacteria. In their opinion, potential such systems it is possible to be used for exchange of the classified information, and also interaction of robots: they can leave each other messages by means of chemical traces. Besides, similar devices is an inexpensive and reliable alternative to traditional means of wireless communication.

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