The Valley of Lost Lives

There is a place in France that attracts the eyes with its unique beauty. It is the Valley of Tourgville, surrounded by the Pyrenees Mountains and adorned by Lake Alet. However, behind all this beautiful picture, there are mysteries and unexplained events that have led to this place being called “the valley of lost lives”.

Legends and legends

The locals refer to the Valley of Thurgwill as “the place of the eighteen valleys”. They tell legends that it is home to strange creatures with the bodies of wolves and the heads of women. According to another legend, sorcerers living on the shores of Lake Alet are the cause of the disappearance of people. Those who have managed to return from this valley tell of their strange existence there and their loss of reason.

The mysterious disappearance of a geologist

In September 1998, geologist Paul Leblanc disappeared in the Thurgwill Valley. He fell behind his group and got lost. For several days his companions searched for him, but without success. A helicopter was sent to help, but nothing was found. Two months later, however, Paul Leblanc showed up in the town of Gouze-Neige. He said that he had been staying all this time in the mountain village where he headed the parish of the church. Paul claimed that his disappearance was due to his prayers that the wolves with women’s heads would leave the area.

The mystery of the traveling youth company

In June 2008, a company of young travelers decided to go to the Tourgville Valley, despite warnings about the dangers of the place. When they arrived at the place, they were amazed by its beauty. However, the joy was short-lived as one of the boys, Joseph Chartier, disappeared. The young men rushed to look for him and called the rescue team, but Joseph was never found.

The mysteries of Tourgville Valley remain unsolved. The area continues to attract the eye with its beauty, but people are careful to avoid inexplicable and tragic events.

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