The wave of the Artificial Intelligence will disperse this year

He can read lips and create new recipes of food. He can beat any in chess and го. Each large technological company tries to integrate it into the organization and business. And, seemingly, each new application considers a duty to declare that it uses machine tutoring in a varying degree to make your life it is better. It is possible to call an artificial intelligence without exaggeration the most discussed subject of the expiring year. Revolution close, and the most apparent question which we have to set to ourselves: what’s next?

Asked to answer this question James Hendler, the director of Institute Rensselaer of a research of data and applications, one of developers of a semantic web. A problem, according to Hendler, in what many people see in AI of such “Terminator” or a utopian dream, completely excepting mankind from the equation.
“People want to draw this technology white and blacks — he explains. — But best of all people cope with shades gray”.

And before passing to reasonings on future artificial intelligence, the Handler issues slightly political slogan: we are people and AI — are strong together.
AI package for mass programming

“I think what in the short term me most of all admires in AI how just began to use it to programmers. It is not destiny of experts any more”, the Handler says.

Occupations which he teaches now, on cognitive calculations of AI illustrate this point of view. Undergraduates do projects like the chatbot capable to answer questions of Harry Potter’s Universe, is more narrow in several weeks. A few years ago such feat would be a subject for the master’s thesis.

What changed?

It is not necessary to build deep tutoring, computer vision or components of a natural language from scratch any more. Just download a package of an open source code and integrate it into the system, having slightly changed. It is similar to a game with WordPress though the Handler prefers to speak about days of origin of the Internet. In the early nineties, having secured with a small comprehension of HTML, it was possible to create the website, thanking installation of the packed code some kind of in advance.
“The artificial intelligence was packed in the way, suitable for use”, the Handler says. “It is enough to bring together of him on pieces and to force to work, without conducting basic researches of what these components are”.

Open doors for innovations

In the short term, the Handler says, it opens a game for players of all colors.
“We observe a heap of innovations in the small companies which use the existing methods for deep tutoring, visions and language handlings”, he says. “Heavyweights — Microsoft, Google, Facebook — will bully invest in this technology, but is more narrow in recent trends”.

Meanwhile, in a scientific and government community continue to study evolution of the technologies interfaced to AI. The handler cites as an example the self-governed transport for the first time developed by universities like Stanford for a victory in DARPA Grand Challenge. Then Google finished this technology. Today, seemingly, each automobile company on the planet is engaged in a conclusion of autonomous cars to the road.

While there is a need for development of new technologies of an artificial intelligence for the solution of problems, the Handler says that in the short term the main attention will be directed to any business cases which can be made with use of the existing tools.

“I think that such innovations involve businessmen and startups. Them will be much”, the Handler says.

Solution of problems developed and developing countries

What the ordinary user of technologies in 2017 and later can receive from AI? In this case means “more” “less” as this technology invisibly works in the background. It will not be apparent that it was possible to buy and see it the whole world in other light.

To take, for example, Siri, an ubiquitous virtual assistant from Apple. Competence of Siri when performing more complex challenges constantly improves, but it still (and it is frequent) by default sends to searching on the Internet. But once, in the near future, somebody will ask Siri or its analog “to show the photo of children after a lunch today” — and the car will quickly and precisely give result.

Actually a number of startups can already brag of such achievements. The Snips company uses the AI method under the name “context aware” to create some kind of memory on the user mobile device, touching contacts, mail, a calendar, photos and other. The system studies what is important for the user in his life, acting as the uniform portal for all applications and information which is stored on the device.
“Here matter in that the artificial intelligence forced technologies to disappear that they did not disturb you any more”, Rand Hindi, the CEO and the founder of Snips says.

Of course, all this a problem of the developed countries — that technologies disappeared. But the Handler believes that projects which will lead to improvement of conditions in developing countries will be developed in the near future. In particular, it and others work with IBM to provide with literacy one billion people in the next five years.
“Perhaps, we will be able to change significantly life of a huge number of people, especially in those countries where literacy level now low. Here people will suddenly see how technologies change their life, more than ever before”.

Inevitably, together with development of an artificial intelligence, our world revolutions and, maybe, even wait for a strike. For example, drivers of trucks which can be left without work in connection with distribution of self-governed transport. But at the same time the set of jobs and, perhaps will appear, the same people will be able to gain income not below, and maybe above the previous level.

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