The weight, go away! Scientists found a way to lose weight if no diet helps

In their search for an effective way to combat excess weight, scientists at McMaster University in Canada have discovered a new hormone signaling pathway that could help people shed unwanted pounds. Researchers say this pathway can interrupt adaptive thermogenesis, a process in which the body goes into energy-saving mode, making it difficult to lose weight.

One of the key discoveries of the study was the discovery of the effect of the GDF15 protein and its associated GFRAL receptor on appetite and energy burning. In experiments on mice, it was found that GDF15 not only reduces the desire to eat fatty foods, but also stimulates the burning of energy in the muscles. This means that the use of GDF15 in combination with medication could potentially be an effective method of combating excess weight.

The scientists emphasize that the results of the study are promising, but still require further study. It is important to understand the mechanisms at work in this pathway and make sure it is safe for humans. However, the discovery opens up new perspectives in the fight against obesity and could form the basis for the development of more effective treatments.

Obesity is one of the most common health problems worldwide. By 2030, obesity is projected to affect nearly one billion people. This will lead to an increase in type 2 diabetes and other serious diseases. Therefore, new strategies and methods to combat obesity must be developed to prevent an epidemic of obesity and related diseases.

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