The whalehead is the most unusual bird in the world

In the tropical regions of eastern Africa, in the vast expanses of vast swamps, lives one of the most amazing birds of Africa – the whalehead, or as it is also called, the shoebill. With its unusual appearance and friendly head bow, the whalehead has won the hearts of many people and has become one of the most popular feathered inhabitants of this region.

The height of an average whalehead is from 110 to 140 centimeters, but some individuals can reach one and a half meters. The wingspan of this bird is amazing – about 2.5 meters. However, the most remarkable part of the whale’s body is its head. Its peculiarity is a long beak, which resembles something between a shoe and a whale’s snout. The length of this unusual “boot” reaches 24 centimeters, and with its help, the whalehead easily bites off the heads of caught fish.

The main diet of the whale eagle consists of various species of tilapia, Senegalese polypere and other inhabitants of swamps with running water. In addition, this bird sometimes hunts snakes and frogs. Its agility and precision in hunting are admired by many observers.

Unfortunately, the number of whaleheads in the world today is not so great – only about 5-8 thousand individuals. They mainly live in the swamps of Sudan, Uganda, Congo and Zambia. This is of serious concern to ornithologists, who recognize the whalehead as one of the most interesting birds in Africa. Its unique appearance, unusual sounds and friendly behavior make it an object of study and protection.

Whaleheads are also known for their sociality and ability to show respect to other bipedal inhabitants. They can bow when encountering humans, which evokes surprise and admiration. This indicates the high level of intelligence and emotional development of these birds.

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