The who has recognized the vegetarianism mental illness

Most vegetarians around the world went into shock from what experts from the world health organization (who) has declared them mentally insane.

Representatives of the movement advocating for humanism and a healthy lifestyle, was sick list, which, in the opinion of international experts, it is necessary to treat in the first place.

Vegetarians have long faced attacks from people who find it difficult to believe that can be very successful and painless to exist, renouncing eating meat. Many “herbivores” as they are pejoratively called lovers of barbecue and steaks, even forced to hide their eating habits to avoid attacks and ridicule from not-so-liberal others. The latter usually claim to survive without animal products, it is impossible that man is by nature a predator, and thousands of cows and pigs slaughtered daily for meat, it is the result of natural selection.

In response, the supporters of “human diet” has released hundreds of books and movies that describe how to obtain all the necessary vitamins from vegetables and fruits, comparing slaughterhouses to Nazi death camps.

Anyway, today, on world vegetarian community was dealt a new blow.

And not narrow-minded conservatives, and authoritative experts from the world health organization. They recently held a seminar, which announced the list of diseases which need to be addressed to psychiatrists. “Pain rating” enriched vegetarianism and raw food diet, which turned out to be in the company of other ailments that fall under the definition of “a disorder habits and impulses”.

Supporters of strict diet was insane not just. The reason for this was the recent incident in the Spanish city of Malaga, where one of the local families brought their children to a state of coma, forbidding them to eat meat, and foods subjected to any thermal processing – cooking, frying, Smoking and others. Kids were saved by the neighbors, time caused doctors and the police. Negligent adult “humanists” sent to a psychiatric hospital, having been separated from their children.

The who document caused a storm of protest among vegetarians worldwide. They wrote to the organization of the many letters in which he said that in well-composed vegetable diet is not bad, just not necessary to forcibly impose their point of view to others, causing, for example, children refuse meat if it is necessary for their health or to be angry with friends-meat eaters, dinner steaks. Vegetarians insist that the mentally ill were recognized as it is the “herbivore despots”, but not all animal advocates the polls.

Meanwhile, the American portal Seattle Pi has published a list of famous vegetarians. Among those who have decided once and for all abandon the use of meat, was former US President bill Clinton, actor Alec Baldwin, musicians Paul McCartney, Moby and Stephen Patrick Morrissey (of The Smiths) and many others.

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