The world is facing an unprecedented threat

Canadian atmospheric scientist and director of the Center for Climate Science at Texas Tech University Katherine Highhoe said people don’t understand the extent of the ongoing climate crisis. She predicted threats to the world, “unseen in 10 thousand years of the existence of human civilization.” It is reported by The Guardian.

According to the expert, humanity will not be able to adapt to environmental changes if it does not reduce greenhouse gas emissions from industries. The world needs to be made more resilient to warming, but measures will still not be enough to “soften” the problem. “People do not understand the scale of what is happening. It will be more than anything we have ever seen before. It will be unprecedented. All living things will be affected,” Haihoe said.

The scientist emphasized that at the moment the infrastructure is functioning in the world, built several decades ago for a planet that has changed a lot. New facilities will cost trillions of dollars, so humanity needs to reduce emissions, thereby reducing its costs.

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