The world’s first robot-fireman

You can differently refer to the fact that robots in the future can replace people in various positions, but here’s work related to the risk to life, it really is better to give the robotic mechanisms. And in this area there are many developments, one of which is the brainchild of engineers from the Italian Institute of Technology: robot-fireman WALK-MAN, which not so long ago successfully passed the first tests in conditions close to real.

At once it is necessary to say that WALK-MAN does not move independently: for its movement the operator located at a safe distance is responsible. The robot’s design allows it to use almost any means to save people and firefighting, from axes to fire extinguishers. On the head of the robot are a laser scanner, several video cameras and a microphone, which transmit data to the operator. For the movement, 32 engines are used, located in different parts of the body, and on the limbs are installed sensors that measure the mechanical load on them. In addition, the machine is equipped with accelerometers to maintain balance.

WALK-MAN has a height of 185 centimeters and weighs 102 kilograms, and with one hand the robot is able to lift the weight to 10 kilograms. One charge of the batteries is enough to ensure that the robot continuously works for 2 hours. More to evaluate the robot-fireman in the case you can on the video below, and discuss the novelty – in our telegram chat.

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