The wreck of an ancient Greek merchant ship found off the coast of Italy

Marine archaeologists from Italy’s National Directorate of Underwater Cultural Heritage used a special remote-controlled submarine to study the wreckage of a ship that was used by ancient Greek merchants. Ceramic vessels were found at the bottom.

The underwater vehicle lifted 22 ceramic vessels from the bottom. According to the publication Planet Today, all of them were made in Corinth, an ancient Greek polis located on the isthmus of the same name. In the course of a more detailed study, it became clear that the vessels were used for different purposes. So, some of them were ordinary amphoras of the Corinthian type. Other vessels belonged to the Scyphos – ceramic drinking cups with a low stem. Some of the Scythians were found in another large vessel.

Currently, all artifacts are in the control laboratory located in southern Italy. Archaeologists suggest that about 200 more samples of ancient culture may be found in the wreckage of the ship.

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