There is the main health hazard from watching TV

Japanese doctors found that daily TV viewing increases the risk of death due to embolism (blockage) of the pulmonary artery. A study published in the journal Circulation.

In 1988-1990 Japanese doctors conducted a survey 86024 people aged 40-79 years about how much time they spend in front of the TV. Over the next 19 years, 59 of them died as a result of thromboembolism.

The researchers found that, compared to participants who watched television less than 2.5 hours every day, who died much more time spent in front of a blue screen.

Scientists have shown that mortality from thromboembolism is increased in 70 percent of those who watched TV daily for 2.5-4.9 hours, 40 percent of those who watched TV for two hours and 2.5 times — five hours or more.

Doctors offer TV viewing combined with periodic (every hour) you perform light exercise, and drinking water (in the case of excess weight).

Pulmonary embolism occurs as a result of blockage of blood vessels by blood clots. Its characteristic symptoms are chest pain and shortness of breath. Factors influencing the development of the disease, are obesity, diabetes, Smoking and hypertension.

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