There was an unusual way for distributing the Internet

Project Loon, in which the development of ways to distribute the Internet from balloons, “went to increase.” Now this is not just one of Google’s projects, but an independent company.

Google has been developing ballooning routers for years. The Loon project was launched back in 2013, but for quite some time it remained an interesting experiment rather than a serious commercial development. And now, it seems, it’s time to change the status. Loon became a full-fledged company in the concern Alphabet.

Distributing the Internet company will be using high-altitude balloons, drifting at an altitude of about 18 km. They will maneuver with the help of equipment that calculates the direction and force of the wind at different heights, and the shunting balloon with helium. Aerostats are very cheap and easy to manufacture – their shell is made of plastic, and all equipment is powered by solar panels.

To distribute the Internet balloons from Loon will be through a modernized Wi-Fi router. One of the balloons will receive the signal from the ground station and transmit it along the chain. For ordinary users, the network will be available up to 40 km from the balloon.

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