Tiger Shark Dance

There are such people – divers. They constantly dive somewhere deep and do extremely weird things there. For example, they feed the hands of sharks. The most that neither is toothy and voracious. And very dangerous.

The tiger shark is one of the most dangerous representatives of its toothy tribe to humans. In terms of the frequency of attacks on people, it is second only to big white. Adults grow up to 3−4 meters, and their teeth are distinguished by razor sharpness in the presence of a large number of cutting teeth. If such a fish get hungry, the diver will not be sweet. Probably why he feeds them.

The Bahamas, where it all happens, is one of the most famous places for shark attacks on people. Tiger – one of the most famous killers.

Pay attention to two facts. First, the tiger shark prefers to hunt at night. She is pretty apathetic during the day. Fish swallowed if put in the mouth.

Secondly, on the underside of the shark’s snout, near the mouth, there are electric receptors that “catch” the weak electric fields and their vibrations produced by potential victims. And they are very sensitive to mechanical touches, and if a shark goes to a scuba diver, wanting to taste it, then he can stop it by scratching the predator for the “nose.” It is difficult to say that at the same time the shark feels, but it stops attacking. Almost like a cat, which was scratched behind the ear.

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