Time lapses

More than 40 years ago, a passenger airliner mysteriously disappeared over Ronald Reagan National Airport. Ronald Reagan National Airport. The plane, which had begun its descent, suddenly disappeared from view, causing panic among airport workers. However, 10 minutes later it reappeared as if nothing had happened. At the same time, all the clocks on board the plane and the passengers were 10 minutes behind. What could have happened?

The incident was investigated by Martin Kadin, an aviation and astronautics expert who also consulted for NASA. Before his passing, he shared details of the investigation with Loyd Auerbach, an expert in parapsychology. According to Auerbach, people dressed in suits moved quickly down the runway, then boarded the plane and took control of the situation.

One possible explanation for this mysterious occurrence is the existence of “time pits.” Auerbach notes that the idea of time travel is not paranormal and may have a physical explanation. After all, the concept of time is relative and its change is possible under the influence of speed and gravity. However, so far such cases occur only in extreme conditions and do not explain the loss of as much as 10 minutes during a normal landing of an airplane.

Physics suggests that there are explanations for such phenomena, but they have not yet been discovered. Kadin documented another case of time travel, when the atomic clock on Kwajalein Atoll stopped synchronizing with other atomic clocks for a few seconds.

Loyd Auerbach, a lecturer at John F. Kennedy University, emphasized the issues of time travel and time holes. He reviewed various theories involving gravity and wormholes, but the latter are microscopic and cannot explain the disappearance of an entire airplane.

Auerbach notes that people from all over the world have reported time pits and strange time travel stories. He believes that some of them may be true…..

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