Time Machines: Historical data on encounters with time travelers

History has preserved much evidence that time travel is real and in the annals one can find descriptions of encounters with these travelers. Several millennia ago, in China, Wen-Jing traveled to the mountains in search of healing herbs and met mysterious celestials who invited him to visit them. After two days, he returned but found that 100 years had passed. Ancient chronicles also describe the story of Bran, son of Theobal, who spent only one day in the celestial city and returned to find that hundreds of years had already passed.

In the year 840, a “celestial ship” appeared in the city of Leone, out of which came three men whose clothing was appropriate to the time. The crowd mistook them for demons and beat them to death. In the Kazan chronicles there is a story about a villein Yashka, who met a strange man in unusual white clothes in the forest and spent several years on the “celestial ship”.

All these stories describe time travel, but how is it possible? It is logical to assume that we are talking about time machines.

One of the most famous time travelers was Edgar Casey, who lived in the 1930s of the 20th century. He said that his predictions were based on his own experiences, when certain beings took him with them and transported him to the future, where he saw what he wrote about later in his prophecies.

Casey described his flight as follows: “The flight was long, and I sat by the porthole and listened to the stories of my acquaintances about the future. Through the porthole I saw the ruined San Francisco, Los Angeles, Japan, Northern Europe, over which the amazing ship of my guides was flying. They told me that everything happened because of the movement of tectonic plates in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, which resulted in an unimaginable natural cataclysm, which flooded almost all countries of the planet, wiped off the face of the earth almost everything … except Russia … except Russia. It happened at the beginning of the 3rd millennium”.

Casey claimed that his time travel was real and he saw the future. But how is this possible? Some scientists speculate that time machines may work based on Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

According to this theory, time can be perceived differently depending on the speed of the observer. If two people are at different speeds, time passes differently for them. This means that if someone is traveling at a very high speed, time goes slower for them than it does for others. Thus, if a time machine were created, it could move people into the future or the past.

However, there are many technical and physical problems that need to be solved to create a time machine. For example, how to stop or change time? How to keep the traveler alive while moving? How to avoid possible time paradoxes?

Despite these problems, some scientists continue to work on creating time machines. For example, physicist Ronald Mallett is working on creating a time loop that can be used to travel back in time.

Perhaps in the future we will learn more about time machines and be able to use them to explore past and future history. Perhaps we already have – in the future.

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