Time travelers: there is evidence

If time travel is in principle possible, then sooner or later we have to face the visitors from the past or the future. Indeed, in the history of paranormal phenomena is found in many cases that can be explained only with the help of this fantastic theory. Maybe it is not such a fiction? Let’s look at the facts…

Minister gone mad

A few years ago in a train compartment, EN route from Mexico city to Acapulco, all of a sudden out of nowhere appeared a man in an old-fashioned jacket and a wig. In one hand he had a quill pen in the other — a leather purse. The stranger was very frightened. He introduced himself as a Minister Jorge de Balenciaga, and tried to figure out where is… Until one of the passengers, a surgeon, ran for the guard, the man disappeared. However, the pen and the purse left on the floor.

The surgeon picked up and later showed to the historians who found out that both items are made in the eighteenth century. In the archives were found documents which showed that the Minister de Balenciaga one night, returning home, are faced with a long iron “devil’s crew”, bursting with fire and smoke, and then somehow ended up inside it and saw a fancy-dressed people. After reading the prayer, the Minister was again on the streets of Mexico city. After this incident, he was not making any sense, and stayed not out till the death.

Mummy in shoes and watch in Imperial tomb

In Mongolia discovered a female mummy aged over a thousand years. She was wearing modern running shoes Adidas. However, apparently, the lady was not a Priceline from the future — she was wearing clothing and jewelry of the old era, and clearly, she held no ordinary position, as it was buried together with his horse.

And this is not an isolated episode. In 2008, in Shanxi opened the tomb of the Chinese Emperor si Qing of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), and was found inside of a modern clock by the Swiss company Swiss Made, which is a gold ring with a dial. It is not excluded that all this things of chronopotentiometric that they gave people from the past. Themselves or those they were assigned. By the way, note that sneakers and went to watch the elite…

Stuck in the Soviet past

But the most amazing story involves a resident of the city of Zhirnovsk of Volgograd region Yevgeny Iosifovich Gayduchka. Gayduchok died in 1994 at the age of 76. In 1985 in Moscow, he met with a well-known researcher of anomalous phenomena, a leader of the Association “Kosmopoisk” Vadim Browed, and told him that he arrived in 1985 from the future in a time machine and that he had read about this machine at the very Chernobrov. By the way, the book of time was written by Vadim Aleksandrovich until many years later.

Eugene revealed that he is a native of the XXIII century. Like, as a teenager, he decided to “steal” a machine for time travel and together with a friend to go back in time… They were in the 30-ies of XX century, but then their vehicle crashed. Energy machines could only be enough to send back one man, and Eugene sent a friend.

To help him from his native era, so nobody came. Soon there were people who adopted the boy, and he started a new life in the Soviet Union… Daughter of Hajducka Svetlana Bulgakov recalled that in his childhood, heard from his father the amazing story of the spaceports, interplanetary missions, strange creatures… And one day, in 1951, he recounted to her the continuation of “the Wizard of oz”, which was released in ‘ 63…

Passing through the door

Recently, the Network appeared interesting video, which shows how a man dressed in jeans and a hoodie covers his face with a hood, in the dark coming to the store and passes quietly through the closed door. This video odd noise… When visitors are inside, visible through the window flashes of light. After ten seconds, a strange visitor in the same way, without opening the door, goes out.

You would think that before you install, but next to sleeping homeless, which awaken the light flashes and which astonished looks at the stranger… Also, on the record date and then strangely changed from 2016 to 2019…

According to some users, was the imposition of space-time, so the stranger and managed to overcome a locked door…

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