To 2075 robots take over the world

After 60 years of artificial intelligence will begin to pose a serious threat to humanity. By 2022, the AI will start to think approximately 10% of the people, by 2040, 50%, and by 2075 the thought processes of the robot will be indistinguishable from human.

These conclusions about the rate of development of artificial intelligence came a scientist, Oxford Professor Nick Bostrom. In addition, Nick offers to get rid of artificial intelligence and to stop any research in this area, as they are considered extremely dangerous for the future of mankind.

Already, high-precision machines, working in medicine, sophisticated surgical operations, and further production using of robots will only improve. Machine-based neural networks are already able to mount the video and create music.

It is worth saying that technology of artificial intelligent systems are actively developed and improved every day. The most famous today are the Deep Blue (machine-player), IBM Watson (focused on the perception of human speech, behavior and thinking), MYCIN (a powerful system of diagnosis of diseases).

In addition, the artificial intelligence systems are widely used in insurance activities in air defense systems, Cybernetics, optical and acoustic detection. So, perhaps, a British scientist is not so far from the truth, and a fantastic movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role is not so fantastic.

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