To expand human memory, it is suggested to use AI

One of the “fathers” of virtual assistant from Apple Tom Gruber recently shared his thoughts on how to use artificial intelligence to expand the capabilities of human memory. Such use of AI will make it an invaluable assistant and will enable a person to overcome some of the shortcomings caused by his physiology, and will be a wand-rod for people who suffer from loss of memory.

Tom believes that due to the wide dissemination of various Internet technologies, as well as smartphones and tablet computers, the Internet already has a lot of information related to each individual. If you create a specialized artificial intelligence system, it will be able to collect all the data about a person and it will be a kind of “backup memory”.

Mr. Gruber also notes that artificial intelligence systems acting as such assistants should be completely safe. If AI allows you to remember what you yourself remember and can not, then an outsider can take advantage of this “loophole”. On the one hand, it looks extremely contradictory and difficult to implement, but on the other hand, more and more developments have recently been carried out that allow the interaction of a person with a car. Even Ilon Mask recently announced something similar. According to the very same Thomas Grubber,

“Superintelligence can give a person superpowers, because the machines we create become more intelligent, we, too, in turn become smarter. The introduction of artificial intelligence will make it possible to create a machine alliance with a person, each member of which will make every effort to achieve goals or meet human needs. And the question “How smart can we make our cars?” Should already sound somewhat different: “How smart can machines make us?”. Of course, I can not say how much more time and what it will take to create a symbiosis of artificial intelligence and human. But I believe that the moment of occurrence of such a symbiosis will come inevitably. “

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