Transformer robot from a real car BMW

Turkish company Letrons turned a real BMW car toy transformer, which with the help of control panel it is possible to turn into a huge robot. Big robots we have seen before (Japan in this regard is not one of the “dog ate it”), but this, I confess, seeing for the first time.

As stated on the company’s official website, the car is really real. He has a real engine (kW (400 HP), the real steering system (although somewhat limited due to substantial alterations). However, he can ride. Just not with such speed, what is actually typical of by the BMW.



By simply clicking your wireless remote control car begins to transform into a large robot able to turn my head and hands. Even the fingers on his hands are moving separately from each other. Effect of formidable edifice adds sound effects and dynamic lighting.

At the sight of this robot there is a legitimate question how he keeps the balance? And even on the official website of the company is not listed, most likely, the main machine weight (including motor) falls on her rear.

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