Trump’s ice head will become an indicator of global warming

In the Arctic are going to create an ice monument – the head of the US President Donald Trump. Thus, the Finnish NGO “Melting ice” intends to draw world attention to the melting of Arctic ice, to the problem of global warming, which threatens not only the North, but the entire planet. The activists of the company comment that often people believe only when they see it with their own eyes. Therefore, they want to erect a monument for the earthlings, so that they can see how the sculpture will melt. For this purpose, the glacier on which the sculptors will work, and then stand “Trump”, is surrounded by web cameras on the perimeter that broadcast live in real time.

The monument will repeat the style of the famous bas-relief on Mount Rushmore in the US – it is in the rock carved the heads of 4 American presidents. Ice sculpture is planned to make twice as much in dimensions: 35 m in height against 18 m; in width and depth – about 20 m. Directly by its creation, Finnish and Mongolian sculptors will be engaged. The work should take four weeks. The monument already has a name – Trumpmore. The estimated budget of the project is 400 thousand euros. To implement their idea, the NGO participants in the protection of the Arctic created the Project Trumpmore site, where they talked about the project and expressed their hope for all possible assistance and material support.

The US president has repeatedly questioned the theory of global warming. In this regard, in 2017, the country withdrew from the Paris agreement on climate, because, according to Trump, it does not meet the interests of America.

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