Turkish archaeologists have found a unique stone slab

On the territory of the ancient city of Antandros, in the region of Edremit in Balikesir province in northwestern Turkey, a stone slab dating back to the second century BC was discovered.

The slab was found during an archaeological excavation carried out in Antandros by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and the administration of Edremit. It is assumed that a 22-line law or a decree is carved on a stone slab.

The head of the archaeological expedition, teacher of the Faculty of Archeology at the University of the Aegean, Professor Gurdzhan Polat told reporters that 20 archaeologists and 18 excavators are participating in the excavations. According to him, excavations in Antandros are continuing in two main areas.

“The excavations have continued here since 2001. This year a well was discovered. Also, the attention of the participants of the expedition attracted a stone slab with inscriptions. There were suggestions that this is a tombstone. But later, when the find was raised, they found a decree carved on it, ”said Polat.

The head of the expedition reported that in ancient cities such stone slabs with decrees were installed in prominent places. “Now experts are trying to read the inscriptions. Today we can say that the plate dates from the second century BC, ”said Polat.

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