Turntable with levitating the platter

Vinyl record players again gaining momentum. Over the past few years, the demand for them together with the plates increased significantly, there has been a significant increase in demand. Vinyl began to be interested in not only music lovers with a great experience, but the younger generation of music lovers. Now most major labels necessarily hold in their directory positions issued not only on CD but also on vinyl. Known not only manufacturers of audio equipment began to invest in the development and production of turntables of different classes, trying to please a serious audiophile and beginners, creating a low-cost, practical model.

To join the fashion direction and enthusiasts. Thus, the Slovenian startup has developed a MAG-LEV Audio, turntable with a levitating disk. The fact is that even the slightest vibrations affect the music, influencing the needle and distorting the sound, so the owners of this equipment often resort to different tricks to keep vibrations to a minimum. One solution is just to hold in the air using magnetic levitation “damn”. System runs when you turn on the music, in the off state, the disk rests on special supports. If the electricity suddenly switches off, the arm is immediately raised to avoid damaging the disc and the disc is lowered on the spacers. The player is designed to play records, 33.3 and 45 rpm.

Fundraising for the creation of player launched on Kickstarter. All who wish to pay for the device now can do so for only 780 us dollars. After the appearance in the sale of “pinwheel” to rise, its price will be $ 1390. To start the sales plan in the fall of 2017.

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