Two-headed lizard with blue tongues surprised zoologists

In the Australian park of reptiles, a rare two-headed giant lizard appeared. About it reports

The lizard was named Lucky (“Lucky”) because it managed to grow up with an anomaly in the wild, which happens very rarely. Usually, individuals with a similar mutation die soon after birth.

The head of the reptile branch, Daniel Rumsey, noted that animals with developmental abnormalities in the wild often experience difficulties with hunting and eating, and also often become victims of predators. “However, Lucky is taken care of at the highest level, and we hope that she will live long and happy years, being the most unusual lizard among all our wards,” the zoologist added. The reptile is under the round-the-clock supervision of specialists.

Giant lizards are found only in Australia and Oceania. The largest individuals can reach 60 centimeters in length. A characteristic feature of such lizards is the language of blue. Because of the triangular shape of the head and the small legs, the giant lizards are often mistaken for snakes and killed.

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