Two stranded whales rescued in Argentina

Two humpback whales that washed ashore were rescued in Argentina. The female, and then the male, was found on the Atlantic coast in the province of Buenos Aires.

Dozens of people took part in two hours-long operations – professional rescuers, coast guard officers, veterinarians, volunteers and local residents. We had to put slings under the whales and lift them with an excavator in order to drag them to a depth.

The female is almost 10 meters long and weighs about eight tons. The male is slightly smaller – eight and a half meters in size and weighing seven tons.

It is noteworthy that the two whales escaped at approximately the same place, two days apart.

[Juan Pablo Loureiro, Veterinarian]:
“This is rather atypical and does not happen often. Although whales are washed ashore, and this is happening more and more often. But before, there was no such thing as having to rescue two whales on the same beach with a break of only 48 hours. ”

Experts do not yet know why the whales jumped out of the ocean. They took tests from the animals and will find out.

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