Under the Yellowstone found carbon sea

Geophysicists from France and the UK have discovered a giant sea carbon in the Western United States. To explore carbon sea under the Earth’s largest SUPERVOLCANO, scientists used the world’s largest array, consisting of 583 sensors.

They measured vibration inside the planet, to determine the deep structure of layers. Tank with carbon, dissolved in the mantle, lies at a depth of 350 km

The surface area of the carbon sea reaches 1.8 million sq. km Above it is approximately in the middle of the Yellowstone Caldera.

According to scientists, carbon sea was formed due to the fact that the North American lithospheric plate edge superimposed on the Pacific. Under the action of carbon dioxide and water, which were contained in minerals of the plates, the rocks melted.

The finding suggests that in the upper mantle of our planet contains up to 100 trillion tonnes of carbon. Previously it was assumed that the mass of carbon in the mantle is only 10 billion tons.

Moreover, mankind emits far less carbon than is in the bowels of the planet. So, features of the global carbon cycle is reviewed.

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