Underground flow of liquid iron accelerated its movement

Scientists said that the huge flow of molten iron flowing beneath the surface of the Earth, is rapidly gaining its speed.

Geophysics learned about the existence of an underground stream, from the data system of the European Space Agency satellites, which transmit data on the oscillations of the magnetic field of the Earth. The width of the flow of liquid iron reaches 420 kilometers and is located at a depth of 45 kilometers beneath Siberia. This iron stream flows in the direction of Europe.

The Earth’s magnetic field is generated by the movement of molten iron in the outer earth’s core and therefore, the magnetic field analysis can tell us about the behavior of the Earth’s core. Geophysics conducted a study of two powerful sources of magnetic flux located under Canada and Siberia. These sources have been used as markers that would accurately track the movement of the iron river.

The studies revealed that in recent years the rate of flow of the iron is constantly increasing. At present, scientists cannot explain what underlies this phenomenon. Perhaps this anomaly is related to the changes of rotation in the Earth’s inner core.

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