Underground tunnels: the mysterious legacy of ancient civilizations

Ancient civilizations have always been an object of interest to researchers. Their technology, architecture and culture still command respect and amazement. One of the mysterious legacies of ancient civilizations are the underground tunnels that have been discovered on various continents. What are these structures, what are their functions and who created them?

Underground tunnels – what are they?

Underground tunnels are a system of underground passages that can be used for different purposes. They can have different shapes, sizes and depths. Some of them were created in ancient times, while others were created by later civilizations.

The Underground Tunnel System: Mysterious Structures of Antiquity

Our planet is covered by a system of ancient tunnels, including the ocean floor. These mysterious underground structures were as if carved by laser into the Earth’s solid rock and have smooth walls that resemble glass. The oldest tunnels were found in 1965 by Argentine ethnologist Juan Moritz, estimated to be nearly a million years old. Expeditions have surveyed tunnels in different parts of the world, and most of them still remain unexplored.

Experts believe that ancient underground tunnels pierce the North American continent and connect it with Europe and East Asia. In some places there are the most important intersections of these tunnels – nodes. One of the hubs is under Mount Shasta in California. Another node is Tibet, literally permeated by underground tunnels with perfectly smooth walls. Vast unexplored underground voids were recently discovered in Egypt under the pyramids on the Giza plateau.

In the Caucasus region and the Crimea there is also a node of the ancient underground system. Speleologists have found tunnels in the Caucasus, under the Uvarov Ridge, running to the Crimea, the Caspian Sea and the Volga region. In the Volga region is the Medveditsky mountain range, in the depths of which there is also an extensive network of tunnels.

So far, not all the tunnels have been discovered, but they continue to amaze with their mystery. Who and why created these ancient underground structures? Perhaps the answers to these questions are hidden in the depths of the tunnels, which have yet to be explored.

Functions of underground tunnels

There are many theories about what the underground tunnels were used for. Some scholars believe they were used for defense and to save the population in case of war or natural disasters. Others suggest that they served to transport people and goods between different cities and settlements. There are also theories that underground tunnels were used for religious purposes or as a place to store valuables.

Ancient tunnels span the entire planet: traces of a highly evolved civilization or preparation for nuclear war?

Polish researcher Jan Paenk discovered that our planet is covered by a system of ancient tunnels that were scorched into the Earth’s solid rock. Their walls are solidified molten rock that looks like glass. But who built these structures, estimated to be millions of years old, and why?

One possible answer to this question is the existence of a highly evolved civilization that disappeared from the surface of the planet. The tunnels, which are more than 12,000 years old, are considered to be the most sophisticated in design and precision of orientation. They could not have been created by the primitive humans who inhabited the Earth at that time.

There is also speculation that the ancient tunnels were created to prepare for nuclear war. Research group of French experts several dozen large craters on the surface of the planet, which are believed to be traces of meteorite strikes, have shown that they may have been formed by nuclear explosions. The age of most of the craters is estimated at 25 thousand years. The deepest one is in South Africa and was formed by a nuclear strike of more than 500 thousand tons in TNT equivalent.

Thus, it is possible that ancient people were aware of the impending nuclear bombing and prepared for it in advance. Underground shelters were created for this purpose. However, the discovered tunnels are empty, which raises questions about whether they helped people survive in the event of a nuclear disaster.

Theories about an ancient, highly evolved civilization and preparations for nuclear war remain speculation, but the ancient tunnels continue to surprise and make us wonder what else lurks in the depths of our planet.

The mysterious underground world: an inhabited labyrinth or an alien base?

According to recent studies, the tunnels and underground labyrinths that are under our feet may not be just structures of ancient civilizations, but a real inhabited world. Some scientists believe that these structures were created by high-tech residents of the Earth, who foresaw global disasters and decided to settle in a safe place. However, there is another version – that these are the bases of aliens, who have long established contact with the special services. What is actually hiding in the mysterious underworld?

Mysteries of underground tunnels

Although underground tunnels have been discovered on various continents, scientists are still unable to determine exactly what they were used for. Most theories are based on speculation and conjecture.

One of the main mysteries is how ancient civilizations could create such complex and large-scale underground structures without the use of modern technology. Some scientists speculate that they used technology that has been lost over time.

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